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Spirit Eyes Arts  ~  Fine Art Photography

Capturing a moment on film is more than just imagery. It is, instead, a momentary glimpse of time. A distinct and
deliberate pause in what is otherwise a fast-moving world. Some have asked how such intense imagery and
composition can be created. We feel that a higher power is what creates the beauty. Our job is to capture it.

Spirit Eyes Arts got its name from the hidden and true spirit behind what is normally overlooked by the
otherwise over-occupied human mind. Our "spirit eyes" have captured time - just for a split second - and we
enjoy sharing with the world that which we have discovered. We consider our imagery to be part of our
phototgraphic sanctuary - a place where our captured elements of time are proudly displayed and shared.

Take a few minutes to relax and and browse through the moments we've captured. To see the full shot in an
enlarged view or to learn how to order just click on a shot. All Spirit Eyes Arts images are available in various
sizes and finishes to make sure you can properly display your moment in time... in your sanctuary.

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blue volcano
breathe in
enchanting flight
calling ancestors
magical Madrid
Jason Pollarck's Bathroom
life is love
madrid surfboards
magical labyrith

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